Maundy Thursday signifies the beginning of the darkest period of the Church year. For thousands of years the three days leading up to Easter Sunday have offered Christians space to solemnly reflect.

In April 2020 this time of inward-looking reflection could not seem more appropriate nor needed. As our international community faces crisis, we are shut indoors, with only our own thoughts to keep us company. 

At times such as this music holds an invaluable role, and today we can connect directly with those from history who felt the same emotions and grief as we do now. 

Manuel Cardoso's Lamentations for Maundy Thursday - was printed in 1648 when the composer was an astonishing 82 years old. Here, the soaring polyphony of Portugal's Golden Age reminds us that even in lamentation, hope and beauty can be found. 


From the Marian Consort's Pater Peccavi: Music of Lamentation from Renaissance Portugal (Gramophone Editor's Choice 2018)