One of the the most adventurous ensembles of its generation forges the next step of its journey in a three-album partnership with Delphian, with commissions and collaborations at its heart.

Hallmarked by Solem Quartet’s commitment to collaboration with living composers and recording of their own arrangements of songs from the likes of Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell, this new three-album partnership promises an unapologetically bold and distinctive three-year plan for the ensemble.

Partnering with Delphian Records — the UK’s leading vehicle for adventurous programming and peerless recording quality — major new works by living composers Errollyn Wallen and Edmund Finnis will be heard in conversation with cornerstones of the string quartet repertoire, from Felix Mendelssohn to Henriette Bosmans,recorded  with a host of collaborators including Shiry Rashkovsky. 

Recorded at the beginning of the new year, their first album Painted Lightis released in October 2023, and features the work of three extraordinary living British composers, all of whom have had music commissioned by the Quartet.

Interpretations of musical colour, light, and shade evoke the full gamut of emotion, including in specially-adapted Earthby MOBO Award-nominated cellist and singer songwriter Ayanna Witter-Johnson. 


Working together over the next three years, Delphian Records is delighted to welcome the Solem Quartet to its growing family of artists.