September Releases on Delphian

Friday 21 September 2018 sees the release of three major albums on Delphian. From the re-imagined sounds of Classical Antiquity, right up to present-day New York – via stunning contemporary British choral music – these three albums truly showcase Delphian’s reach across the classical repertoire, with artists who are at the top of their field. 

Shortlisted in both ‘Instrumentalist’ and ‘Young Artist’ categories at the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society Awards, Sean Shibe makes his much-anticipated second outing on Delphian with a programme of radical contrasts that showcases virtuosity at both extremes. softLOUD looks ambitiously forward, with a mix of electric and acoustic, early and modern, whose contradictions and challenges speak to our own times.

softLOUD: Sean Shibe


Described as “the most authentic sound world yet” by Gramophone Magazine, the groundbreaking EMAP series on Delphian comes to a close with the fifth and final edition, Apollo and Dionysus: Sounds from Classical Antiquity . The album includes pieces based on fragments of musical notation, found by archaeologists carved into stone or written on papyrus and dated to between 300 BC and 300 AD, as well as new music created to give a contemporary voice to the instruments of the period.

Apollo & Dionysus: Sounds from Classical Antiquity 


Celebrating ten years since the inception of Merton College’s choral foundation, the choir’s seventh Delphian recording follows the themed anthologies which brought it such immediate critical acclaim with what will be the first in a series of close collaborations between the choir and living composers. Richard Allain writes music across a wide spectrum of genres; he and Benjamin Nicholas have put together a programme showcasing his oeuvre – from a setting of the Evening Canticles, animated then impassioned, to a sumptuous reimagining of the spiritual Don’t you weep when I am gone and Allain’s most performed work, the wedding anthem Cana’s Guest.

Richard Allain: Choral Music