Delphian's Adriatic Voyage is named Presto Music's Classical Recording of the Year 2021

In September 2020 - during a brief lifting of covid restrictions - two acclaimed Delphian Artists, The Marian Consort and Bojan Čičić's Illyria Consort, joined together in the Chapel of Merton College Oxford to record a sparkling programme of 16th century music - tracing a real account of a journey made in 1575.

We're absolutely delighted that, after many hours of enjoyable listening and rigorous debate within Presto's editiorial team, Adriatic Voyage has been selected as the Classical Recording of the Year 2021.

Here's what Presto's Managing Editor had to say:

"There are many things to love about this collaboration between the Marians and Čičić's Illyria Consort, not least the way that ornate contributions from the solo violin and cornet weave organically into the already rich tapestry created by the singers; the repertoire, too, is enormously attractive, with highlights including Tomaso Cecchino's energetic, dance-like Surge propera and Usper's Battaglia per sonar e cantar a 8, which brings the programme to a delightfully boisterous close."

Adriatic Voyage

The Marian Consort | The Illyria Consort

In March 1575, a party led by the Venetian diplomat Giacomo Soranzo set out on a mission to Constantinople. They sailed down the Istrian coast, along the length of present-day Croatia, and on to the Bay of Kotor. Much of the land they passed was the territory of the Serenissima – inhabited by both Italians and Slavs, and of strategic importance since it was exposed to constant Turkish threats from the Balkan hinterland.