Our friends at Presto Music have today launched a fundraising initiative in aid of the humanitarian crisis facing those living in Ukraine.

We're deeply grateful to Presto for inviting us to take part in this important initiative with five other UK Labels: BIS, Chandos, Hyperion, Naxos and Toccata.

Presto's Chris O'Reily writes:

"Looking for a positive contribution we could make amid this catastrophe, we’ve been researching and exploring Ukrainian classical composers, and have discovered some fascinating stories and real gems. The fruits of this research are below for you to digest – two compilations, followed by a selection of albums of music by Ukrainian composers from the eighteenth century to the present day, listed chronologically with short biographies ... we’ve agreed with the featured labels to use this initiative as a fundraiser, so they have donated the stock for us to sell at no cost (as well as covering royalties and copyrights) whilst we are absorbing the shipping and packaging costs ourselves, so that every penny of the income can go to supporting humanitarian causes in Ukraine. Neither Presto nor the record labels will take any money from the sales of these items.

Please help to spread the word and buy lots so that we can reach our target of raising £10,000 for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal via the Red Cross"

We'd encourage our audience to visit Presto's appeal page and purchase as many albums as they can for this important cause, and offer our thanks again to Presto for inviting us to contribute in this small way.