With one week to go until October's release date, we're bringing you the low-down on our three exceptional New Releases, all offering something different and uniquely compelling.

From the bright, colourful rhythms of 1620s Mexico, to haunting new music set to very old words, there's a glittering array of sounds, textures, and exceptional performances on offer:


Nicky Spence tenor, Philip Higham cello, Iain Burnside piano, Vox Luna

Alex Woolf director

A major statement by a composer still in his mid-twenties, Alex Woolf’s Requiem, composed in 2018, combines powerful expressive immediacy with an impressive ability to synthesise the diverse traditions that have grown up around the requiem genre in the past two hundred years, as it has moved from the church into the concert hall....


Siglo de Oro | Patrick Allies director

Siglo de Oro’s programme explores the rich soundworld of 1620s Mexico: a sonic landscape ultimately quite different from the one Padilla had left behind in Europe. Evoking a Mass at Christmas Eve affords the opportunity to include a number of villancicos – energetic, dance-like pieces whose captivating mixture of Mexican, Afro-Hispanic and Portuguese influences would have invigorated even the most sober churchgoer....


Stef Conner voice & lyre, Hanna Marti voice & harp, Everlasting Voices

This is an album of new music with very old words -- a concept album with a difference: a personal vision of a world just out of reach. Its music and its stories, its seasons and its creatures are addressed or conjured up in hymns, spells, and that most Anglo-Saxon of poetic forms – the riddle. Conner’s settings draw on English folksong, medieval music scholarship and a range of unlikelier inspirations to make something entirely her own...