If you're missing the endless variety that music festivals usually offer in August, have no fear... Throughout the whole month, we're complimenting every singe order we receive on our website with a FREE lucky dip album from across our whole catalogue.

With over twenty years since Delphian's founding, there's no shortage of new discoveries and gems to be found - such as landmark recordings from the likes of David Wilde and Peter Hill, and premieres of major works including Winner of BBC Music Magazine's 2020 Choral Award, Gabriel Jackson's Passion with the Choir of Merton College, Oxford.



We'll try to pair the free lucky dip album with your interests based on your original selection (e.g. Choral / Baroque / Contemporary). In the 'Festival' spirit of discovery, however, you might receive a curveball which we hope might open avenues of discovery. Delphian's catalogue is proudly 'curated to inspire the adventurous', and this August we invite you to celebrate adventure with us.