Today, the 72 recordings that form the second round of the Gramophone Classical Music Awards 2021 are revealed in a free-to-view digital magazine. From this list of celebrated recordings - including Sean Shibe's BACH on Delphian in the instrumental category - an album will be chosen as the winner in each of the 11 recording categories, and from that shortlist, a single album will be named 'Recording of the Year’ on October 5.

"Recorded music has probably never occupied such a central, and vital, role in all our lives as it has for the past 18 months. I know that I’ve never listened to as much music before, and not since my teens have I sought it out with quite the same hunger"

James Jolly, Editor-in-Chief


Sean Shibe, guitar

"Can you ever speak in elevated, grandiose terms about a classical guitarist? You want to avoid weight, to find instead phrases of lightness and simplicity. Yet after listening to Sean Shibe’s magnificent new Bach recital, when I reach for comparisons I don’t go to other guitarists. Or even lutenists. I go to a musician like the violinist Rachel Podger, or the pianist Angela Hewitt. Because, as with Shibe, and to paraphrase Schweitzer, their Bach so clearly sounds like it must be a summation of everything that has gone before. Except of course we’re talking about their own musical knowledge and experience. Not the music of those hapless composers unlucky enough to exist solely to make a Bach possible. So, ideally, you ought to listen first to Shibe’s previous two recordings to get the most out of this one ... " GRAMPHONE


Sean Shibe performs Bach's Suite in E-minor BWV 996 iv.Sarabande