Pater Peccavi: Music of Lamentation from Renaissance Portugal

Biblical texts of lamentation were embraced by composers of the late Renaissance for their artistic and expressive potential. But in Portugal – a kingdom without a king, its people governed by a foreign power – such settings gave life, as well, to a rich expression of covert political commentary.

Rory McCleery’s ongoing interest in this field of polyphony bears fruit for the first time in a ground-breaking programme. Many of these Portuguese composers are known, if at all, for a very few pieces. Once again, McCleery and his Consort make a clarion call for music that it deserves, and with their advocacy should now receive far wider recognition.

Rory McCleery on Pater Peccavi



"This exquisite late-Renaissance Portuguese polyphonic repertoire is as richly expressive as it is politically poised…This beautiful new album from The Marian Consort is surely one of the best one-to-a-part ensemble recordings of this repertoire. Throughout the programme they nurture a warm blend while drawing out long polyphonic threads to expressive ends."


Recording dates: 29-31 Jul 2017
Number of discs: 1
Album ID: DCD34205