Héloïse Werner: Close-ups


Héloïse Werner’s first album, Phrases, was received ecstatically. For her second, she wanted to create a programme with a cohesive narrative arc – a journey, but one that the listener can take in their own time and their own way. For it, she has assembled a group of musicians who both share in her concept but also bring to the project their own varied musical personalities to complement Héloïse’s own distinctive voice.

Rightly described by Héloïse as ‘amazing people’, her collaborators – Colin Alexander, Julian Azkoul, Max Baillie, Kit Downes, Ruth Gibson and Marianne Schofield – stitch their individual contributions into close-ups in colours just as vibrant as Héloïse’s own.

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"A hotly-awaited second album from soprano-composer Héloïse Werner weaves together a dizzying tapestry of conceptual threads - from a melancholy, fatalistic song by Barbara Strozzi, via a scathing survey of male attitudes to quote-unquote 'hysteria' from the fifth century BC up until the early 2020s, to the macaronic close-ups by Werner herself (to words by her sister), it is an exhilarating and unique journey of discovery"


Release Date: 28 June 2024
Catalogue No: DCD34312
Total playing time: 61:35

Recorded on 18-20 September 2023 at SJE Arts, Oxford
Producer/Engineer: Paul Baxter
24-bit digital editing: Jack Davis
24-bit digital mixing & mastering: Paul Baxter

Cover photograph: Raphaël Neal
Session photography: foxbrush.co.uk
Booklet & traycard design: Eliot Garcia
Booklet editor: Henry Howard

Delphian Records Ltd – Edinburgh – UK www.delphianrecords.com


Singing In Secret: Clandestine Catholic Music by William Byrd CD Delphian Records


Barbara Strozzi:Che si può fare, Op. 8 No. 6

Album Booklet

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