Music from the Age of Louis XV: the Taskin harpsichord

John Kitchen – uniquely familiar with Edinburgh’s internationally acclaimed collections of early keyboard instruments – turns his attention to the world’s most famous harpsichord, rarely recorded hitherto: the 1769 Pascal Taskin instrument now housed in the Raymond Russell Collection. It was during the reign of Louis XV that the harpsichord gained its greatest popularity in France, and this glorious 1769 instrument would have been a preferred choice for any composer of the epoch. Here its opulent lushness is captured in the ideal acoustics of Scotland’s oldest concert hall.

"The 1769 Taskin harpischord, from Edinburgh University's Russell Collection, is a gem, resonant and entrancing. Unequal temperament pushes some intonation to its intriguing limit."

"If you are interested in French harpsichord music you should consider this disc…The main reason is the harpsichord, a splendid original instrument of 1769 by Pascal Taskin…It has a very beautiful sound, not as aggressive as some French harpsichords. This could also be due to the miking which is not too direct. John Kitchen is a sensitive performer…I have greatly enjoyed this disc."

"The Edinburgh Taskin is just sumptuous, and it and the player and on top form in this recital, perfectly chosen to show it and its repertoire at its best."


Producer: Paul Baxter
Recording venue(s): St Cecilia’s Hall, University of Edinburgh
Recording dates: 11-12 April 2012
Physical format: Jewel case
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 19
Release date: 24 September 2012
Total playing time: 1:06:26
Album ID: DCD34112

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