Bohemian Rhapsodies

The Fells’ journey through Central and Eastern Europe takes in sophisticated reworkings of Bartók and earthy reimaginings of klezmer, and introduces some unfamiliar names along the way. The four clarinets lend a wonderfully suggestive reediness to these laments and dances which enhances the music’s rustic tone. With the Fell Quartet as your guide, this whirlwind tour of Eastern Europe is sure to be seductive, virtuosic, and not without some moments of real grit.

"if the Quartet's performances here are anything to go by, [Fell] can be proud that they bear his name...an enjoyable, carefully planned programme, very nicely engineered"

"The results are hugely enjoyable, and probably closer to the rustic origins of the "Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm" than the composer envisaged. The introductory "Ostinato", especially, is a dazzling, animated miniature which crams more activity into two minutes than some composers manage in a symphony."

"The Manchester-based group makes a distinctive sound, pungent and perky, superbly captured in this full-bodied recording...Arrangements from Bartók’s Mikrokosmos piano pieces vividly expose the music’s folk roots, while Lenny Sayers’s klezmer medleys bristle with virtuoso thrills"

Producer: Paul Baxter
Release Date: 28 June 2010
Catalogue No: DCD34083
Total playing time: 1:02:02

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