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Weelkes: Sacred Choral Music

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Thomas Weelkes is remembered as one of the outstanding English composers of the seventeenth century. This survey of his services, verse anthems and sacred madrigals features first recordings of several works in new reconstructions by scholar Peter James. Benjamin Nicholas’s Tewkesbury choir delivers telling performances which passionately convey the range, imagination and technical accomplishment of Weelkes’ settings.

"It’s an absolute winner both in terms of repertoire and performance. The reverberant recorded sound is never short on detail, thanks not least to the full-blooded singing of Tewkesbury’s boy choristers and smart engineering. The choir’s men are on top form, too. Together, they catch the plangent quality of Weelkes’s work and its compelling energy. Terrific choral listening."

"Committed performances reveal Tudor church music in it strongest colours. Weelkes is a composer to make you think again, and Tewkesbury Abbey currently has the choir to present him in strongest colours and with the most personal accent. The trebles splendidly vindicate the tradition that places them at the heart of English cathedral music. The men's voices are also powerful and resonant and the total effect is rich and forthright. Fine solo work and neat organ-playing are further assets, as is the introductory note by Dr Peter James."


"angelic purity"


"the singing is wonderfully warm, clear and beautifully balanced and the soloists all have clear and vibrant voices."

Producer: Paul Baxter
Release Date: 12 January 2009
Catalogue No: DCD34070
Total playing time: 0:59:52

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