Chansons à plaisir: music from the time of Adrian Le Roy

Amid religious strife and social turmoil, the sixteenth century also saw France emerge as a humanist culture with a unique musical voice. This world of contrasts provided the perfect setting for Adrian Le Roy to flourish as a composer, performer and publisher. Scottish ensemble Fires of Love vividly recreate the many facets of his musical world, from vivacious dances to songs of utmost sorrow.

"songs and instrumental dances performed with a refined temperament well suited to the languid style of the period"

"Frances Cooper whose vocal contribution is quite delicious . Lovely performances, beautiful songs"

"Fires of Love are an accomplished group whose cohesion and sense of common purpose are palpable. Percussion has a prominent role in their conception of ensemble, which works particularly well with the plucked strings. One of the more moving pieces here, Qui prestera la parole, requires little artifice in its presentation. The sense of the chanson idiom spilling over into mannerism is rather exciting, and it’s the one piece that seems to take soprano Frances Cooper out of her “comfort zone”."

Release Date: 3 March 2008
Catalogue No: DCD34063
Total playing time: 1:18:40
Recorded on 15-17 October 2007 in Crichton Collegiate Church, Midlothian
Producer: Paul Baxter
Engineers: Beth Mackay & David Strudwick
24-bit digital editing: Adam Binks
24-bit digital mastering: Paul Baxter
Design: Drew Padrutt
Photography: Paul Baxter & Raymond Parks

Album Booklet

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