17th-Century Sonatas from the Düben Collection


Between 1640 and 1720 the immigrant German Düben family produced three generations of Capellmeisters at Sweden’s wealthy and fashionable Royal Court, where they amassed a huge collection of printed music and manuscripts.The meticulous cataloguing of this collection at Uppsala University has allowed Spiritato’s Kinga Ujszászi to fulfil the ensemble's avowed aim of exploring a vast and little-known repertory.

Of particular interest to the group was music that appears to show the first collaborations of the royal Capelle with the separate trumpet corps, bringing trumpets into the context of courtly music and allowing the players to push the boundaries of their instruments and skills.

'This rosy disc by early music ensemble Spiritato feeds off the legacy contained in the well-researched Düben Collection housed in Uppsala University, the fruits of which combine such known names as Buxtehude, but equally introduces us to such lesser-knowns as the smoothly efficient Clemens Thieme and Andreas Kirchhoff. The glossiest examples, however, are those pieces featuring trumpets – the Swedish Court had a separate trumpet core – by Albrici, Prentzel, Löwe and Melani. It’s in these that Spiritato’s easeful virtuosity under director Kinga Ujszászi gleams brightest'

★ ★ ★ ★

"Rich period string playing compliments dazzling performances from the boys on natural trumpets in this collection of sonatas compiled by three generations of Capellmeisters at Sweden's wealthy and fashionable Royal Court. As the professor of musicology at Uppsala University (where the Duben Collection is now housed) writes in his album booklet note, this collection of manuscripts shows unrivalled scope and ambition. From much-loved Buxtehude to less familiar names such as Clemens Thieme and Andreas Kirchhoff (both with premiere recordings), this is a real chocolate box collection full of delights and surprises"


Release Date: 23 September 2022
Catalogue No: DCD34176
Total playing time: 1:14:30

Singing In Secret: Clandestine Catholic Music by William Byrd CD Delphian Records


6. AlbriciSonata a 5

Album Booklet


Spiritato performs Furchheim's thrilling and varied Sonata a 5during recording sessions in the Church of All Hallow's, Gospel Oak

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