Wilde plays Chopin Vol II

David Wilde made his first Delphian appearance in a recital of Chopin’s music recorded live at the Wigmore Hall. Seven recordings and twelve years later, immediately following the death of his wife Jane, David stopped work on a disc of recently written British piano sonatas and turned instead to making a second Chopin programme, in memory of Jane.
In his eightieth year, David’s breathtaking virtuosity and towering intellect combine in interpretations informed by a long lifetime of study and performance. And in this music, which has been central to his own musical life, David’s performances revel in Chopin’s extremes.

This is after all the composer who is reported to have said to a pupil: ‘If I had your strength and could play that Polonaise as it should be played, there would be no string left unbroken by the time I had finished!’ Wilde’s Chopin is not for the timid. These are performances fuelled by passion, combining heartfelt tenderness with deep personal grief.


"Wilde offers a determined attack on conventional wisdom...an epic, gnarled and rugged genius shaking his fist at the universe with all the defiance of King Lear...Some may accuse him of assault and battery but others will surely pause to think again about Chopin's stature. Delphian's sound is crystal-clear and beyond reproach"


"[Wilde] is not just at home in Chopin’s music. It is part of his nature, seemingly as necessary and inevitable as breathing...The soundscape summoned by his imagination is vast, craggy, monumental, inexorable. His music making speaks directly of life, of love, and of loss, always with unmistakable wisdom and dignity."

- International Record Review


Recording venue(s): Reid Concert Hall, University of Edinburgh
Recording dates: 14 August, 16 September & 10-11 December 2013
Physical format: Jewel case
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 10
Total playing time: 1:18:17
First UK release date: October 14, 2011
Album ID: DCD34138