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Schumann: Etudes symphoniques, Kreisleriana

This disc contains some of the greatest music that Schumann wrote for piano. The evident technical demands of the Etudes Symphoniques are matched in Kreisleriana, a work which asserts fresh possibilities for the expressive powers of piano music in terms of form, literary association and adherence to the ideals of high Romanticism.

"Many of the leading players today tend to approach Schumann with a reverence which befits a legend. Fulgoni brings us a composer whose genius was always on the edge of a precipice"

Release Date: 1 August 2003
Catalogue No: DCD34015
Total playing time: 1:16:00

Recorded on 16-18 November 2003 in the Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh
Producer/Engineer: Paul Baxter

Cover Design: John Christ

Album Booklet

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