Ice and Longboats: ancient music of Scandinavia

Scandinavia’s archaeologically known prehistory encompasses around twelve thousand years, culminating in the Viking period (c.800–1050AD). The Middle Ages then followed, around six hundred years later than in continental Europe – a late development due to the long period in which ice still covered Europe’s northern parts.

Volume 2 in Delphian Records’ groundbreaking collaboration with the European Music Archaeology Project constructs a soundscape of these two periods, featuring both music improvised on Viking instruments, and notated songs and instrumental items from the early centuries of Christianity in Scandinavia.


 "This meticulously researched album from Sweden’s Ensemble Mare Balticum imagines the instruments Vikings played and the voices they sang with...The instrumentals are pretty dry, but the singing of Ute Goedecke and Aino Lund Lavoipierre is gorgeous: two pure and fulsome voices, beautifully matched."

Recording venue(s): Oppmanna Parish Church, Sweden
Recording dates: 5-8 September 2015
Physical format: Jewel case
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 29
Total playing time: 1:16:28
Album ID: DCD34181