From Handel's Home: The Keyboards of Handel Hendrix House

Handel Hendrix House in London’s Mayfair holds a substantial collection of keyboard instruments – spinet, organs, and harpsichords – both original from Handel’s own day and reproductions, representing a roster of some of the greatest names from Kirckman and Snetzler to Goetze & Gwynn and Bruce Kennedy’s copy of the Colmar Ruckers harpsichord.

From these instruments the acclaimed and ever-thoughtful keyboard specialist Julian Perkins has created a very special recital, conjuring a treasure trove of the timbres and sounds that would have been heard when Handel and his colleagues played music in these very rooms: original works and arrangements by the master himself and his contemporaries, with Carole Cerasi joining as duet partner for Handel’s sumptuous Suite in C minor.

"Handel House contains many original and period items from Handel’s time, including a range of keyboard instruments. Six of them — three original, three copies modelled on 18th-century instruments — feature on this recording and the range of harpsichords, organs and spinet guarantees a varied programme ...The music mixes Handel’s own with that of contemporaries, such as Telemann and Scarlatti. Two Scarlatti sonatas, played on a 1754 double-manual harpsichord made by Jacob Kirkman of London, are a highlight ...Among the Handel items are the Suite No 2 in F Major, given a lively performance by Julian Perkins, and the Suite in C Minor for Two Keyboards, in which he is joined by Carole Cerasi. Handel’s Voluntary or a Flight of Angels chirrups brightly on a copy of a single-manual organ from 1749.Rare pieces include a captivating Toccata in G Minor by William Babell, getting its first recording, and a brief Sarabande from Isolation Suite by Rhian Samuel, a contemporary bonus that brings this historical disc bang up-to-date"

★ ★ ★ ★


"This fabulous disc will simply delight. What a gem ... The repertoire is as wonderful as the instruments, and besides a number of Handel’s compositions, such as a selection of movements from Rodelinda, a delightful, effervescent 1-minute Flight of Angels, and a lively Suite in C minor for Two Keyboards, with Carole Cerasi joining Perkins, there is a mixture from his contemporaries, which includes first recordings and rarities ... Perkin’s playing is superbly articulated; his virtuosic skill brings the varied instruments to life and it is a ‘treasure trove of timbres and sounds’. The dynamics, ornamentation, and colour illustrate magnificence in a superbly created programme performed in a room where Handel, his friends, and his contemporaries would have gathered to play, all captured by Delphian’s recording engineers"


"Harpsichords, organs and spinets: Oh my! A treasure trove of timbres that would have been heard when Handel and his circle played at home ..."


Release Date: 9 Feb 2024
Catalogue No: DCD34314
Total playing time: 1:11:00

Recorded on 8-10 May 2023 at Handel Hendrix House, London

Producer/Engineer: James Waterhouse
24-bit digital editing: Jack Davis
24-bit digital mastering: Paul Baxter

Design: Eliot Garcia
Booklet editor: Henry Howard
Cover: Martin O’Neill, cutitout.co.uk

Session photography: foxbrush.co.uk

Delphian Records Ltd – Edinburgh – UK www.delphianrecords.com


Overture to Rodelinda:4 - Presto


Filmed in the dead of night in Handel's own living room - Julian Perkins and Carole Cerasi perform his Suite in C Major for Two Keyboards

Album Booklet

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