Remember me my deir: Jacobean songs of love and loss

Delphian’s own band of troubadours, Fires of Love, follow in the footsteps of King James VI on a varied journey through song and instrumental music – deftly weaving their way through Scotland’s rich tapestry of historic manuscripts to unveil attractive unsophisticated melodies, often heavily imbued with the French style, before travelling south to London, where James and his musicians would have been taken aback by the highly active theatre scene. Shakespeare’s texts give rise to compelling settings, from the plaintive ‘And will he not come again’, poignantly rendered here by Frances Cooper, to the risqué joviality of ‘St Valentine’s Day’. As the Scots courtier-musicians nimbly traded French influence for London’s ‘Englished’ Italian style, one wonders: did they regretfully look homewards? ‘Remember me, my deir …’