Tabea Debus: Ohrwurm

Melodies that emerge from musical folk memory or jump off the printed page to lodge themselves in the listener’s mind: such ‘earworms’ are the raison d’être of this inventive album, effervescent and haunting by turn.

Rising talent Tabea Debus makes an immediate impression as she joins the roster of Delphian house artists, coaxing an astonishing spectrum of moods and timbres from an array of Renaissance and Baroque recorders. Equally astounding is the tightness and responsiveness of her interaction with gamba player Jonathan Rees and lutenist Alex McCartney, while solos for recorder alone bookend the programme chronologically with music from the fourteenth century and the twenty-first.


1. CiaconnaBertali / Merula / Monteverdi

"Renaissance and baroque works are despatched with an almost folky exuberance, and it’s a toe-tapping joy. Of the new works, Freya Waley-Cohen’s suitably hyperactive Caffeine stands out as a peppy wake-up call"

"Fine, flexible playing ... Debus is a brilliant recorder player on a variety of instruments, in these excellent adaptions and arrangements ...I suspect some of these tunes will follow you around all day"

"There isn’t a dull or uninteresting track anywhere on this CD ... Tabea Debus is the kind of virtuoso who makes you forget how superb she is technically, by the completeness with which she puts all her skill at the service of the music she plays, so that one’s attention is focused on the music, not on her. She is a genuinely exciting instrumentalist ... irresistible.


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"Recorder player Tabea Debus has curated a wide-ranging and downright catchy compendium for her instrument. Yet this album’s most addicting quality may be her playing ... She turns some captivating fandangos, jigs, and other dances into outright toe-tappers ... the whole 70-minute CD goes by like an informal but fiery set at a jazz club"

"Debus applies just enough vibrato, her leaps and slurs are so characterful. She judges the opening of an extract drawn from Marin Marais’ Les folies d’Espagne to perfection, the upward jumps immaculate but never mechanical. Debus approaches everything she tackles in the same thoughtful way, whether it’s a Handel aria or Scots folk tune"


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Release Date: 28 August 2020

Catalogue No: DCD34243

Total playing time: 70:28

Recorded 12-14 February 2020

Recording venue: St Mary's Broughton St. Edinburgh

Producer: Paul Baxter

Editor: Matthew Swan

Part of the YCAT series on Delphian

This partnership between Delphian Records and YCAT offers rare new recording opportunities for the most promising young artists, combining YCAT’s mission of developing careers at a world-class level with Delphian’s twenty-year-long reputation for bold, considered programming. The partnership will give the artists a unique experience – from initial concept planning, recording and editing to the final packaged and digital product – and will enhance Delphian and YCAT’s commitments to nurturing artists’ artistic development and long-term careers.

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