Romaria: choral music from Brazil

‘Romaria’, a word suggesting pilgrimage, crowds, and processions, evokes much of what is special and distinctive about modern Brazil – its mix of people, its extraordinary vibrancy, its faith. This survey of modern Brazilian choral music reflects all of these qualities, as well as the natural wonders of this amazing land. Geoffrey Webber and his ever-adventurous choir sing both sacred and secular works dating from the 1950s through to the present, in a programme developed in conjunction with experts from the University of São Paulo’s music department. This collaboration also led to the reconstruction of the rainforest soundtrack that originally accompanied Henrique de Curitiba’s inventive and unusual piece Metaphors.

"This is a genuinely enterprising recital which deserves every choral aficionados attention."

"The rainforest tape that opens this remarkable disc might seem a Brazilian cliche - and in a sense it is. But it is a significant one...Much of it is technically demanding but, under Geoffrey Webber's clearly inspired direction, the Caius Choir sound as though they have known this music intimately for years."

"the performances were captivating…it’s a memorable recording"

"You may not have realised your life lacked a disc of modern Brazilian choral music, complete with rainforest soundtrack and talk of hummingbirds, alligators, pollution and clothes-washing. This enchanting album may convince you otherwise."

"A fascinating choral adventure."

"This anthology could be a dull, academic exercise, but it's fabulous. Director Geoffrey Webber's sleeve notes tell you everything you need to know about each work, but my advice would be to listen first and read later. Performances are consistently stunning. Diction is impeccable, and the whole packs an exhilarating, very un-English punch. Magical, and magnificently recorded. Which neglected choral sub-genre will Webber tackle next?"

"Another disc to reinforce my opinion that the music of Latin America is as astoundingly rich and rewarding as it is under-appreciated."

"Geoffrey Webber and his adventurous choir sing both sacred and profane works dating back to the 1950s through to the present, and performances have a strong touch of lyricism and a reverential approach that make them all the more appealing.Fascinating off the beaten track choral repertoire that is worthy of serious investigation."


Producer: Paul Baxter
Release Date: 4 May 2015
Catalogue No: DCD34147
Total playing time: 1:10:48

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