The Merton Collection: Merton College at 750

In 2014, the University of Oxford’s Merton College celebrates its 750th year. Benjamin Nicholas and Peter Phillips’ specially conceived journey through seven centuries of choral repertoire provides a bird’s-eye view of some important moments in musical history, and features two composers personally associated with the College – John Dunstaple and Lennox Berkeley – as well as three new works commissioned for the anniversary celebrations. The choir, a relatively recent addition to this illustrious college’s complement of treasures, gives stylish and committed performances in the famous acoustic of Merton’s thirteenth-century chapel.

 "Though Merton is on the cusp of its 750th anniversary, this choir is a 2006 creation, yet has quickly gained distinction. Here it offers a panorama of world musical history...But it’s the transhistorical stylistic homogeneity of choral singing that comes through."

Recording venue(s): Chapel of Merton College, Oxford
Recording dates: 13-15 April 2013
Physical format: Digipack
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 19
Total playing time: 1:14:04
Album ID: DCD34134