Carbonelli: Sonate da Camera Vol.2

With their debut recording on Delphian, Bojan Čičić and his Illyria Consort propelled the name of Carbonelli from obscurity into the classical charts, recapturing the excitement which the violinist-composer stirred up in eighteenth-century London.

Now they bring to Carbonelli’s other six surviving sonatas the same intelligence, sensitivity and sheer, exhilarating virtuosic brilliance with which they proved him to be so much more than just a ‘follower of Corelli’ or ‘contemporary of Vivaldi’. For good measure they add in a fine concerto by the latter that bears Carbonelli’s name, and which amply demonstrates the respect in which he was held in his native Italy before setting off to find his fame and fortune in England.

 Presto Editor's Choice 

"Čičić and his Illyria Consort play these Sonate da Camera with expressive warmth and sensibility. The continuo cade varies its colours and textures according to taste and perceived musical requirements, with rewarding results."

"The first volume of Čičić’s survey of the Italian-born composer’s sonate da camera was a Presto Recording of the Year in 2017, and its successor is no less enthralling – if anything, these later works find Carbonelli in more adventurous form, with some unexpected harmonic twists and turns (No. 12 in particular is full of surprises) and plenty of rustic colour from the continuo group in the gigues and sicilianas"


"Having recorded the first six, the baroque violinist Bojan Čičić and his distinguished players give vibrant performances of the remainder, prefacing them with Vivaldi’s suave concerto Il Carbonelli"


Recording venue(s): St Martin's Church, Berkshire
Recording dates: 3-6 January 2019
Physical format: Jewel Case
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 27
First UK release date: July 26, 2019
Album ID: DCD34214