Music from the Age of Louis XIV: the Baillon harpsichord

John Kitchen continues his much-lauded series of recordings of the world-famous keyboard collections in St Cecilia’s Hall with a programme specially designed to highlight the unique qualities of the 1755 double-manual harpsichord by Luigi Baillon.

Built in Cyteux, Burgundy, it has a very different sound from Parisian instruments of the time: cleaner and brighter in tone, and the perfect vehicle for Kitchen’s subtly nuanced playing, which brings the sophistication of the period to new life. The familiarity born of Kitchen’s daily experience with the Edinburgh collections and their setting shines through these performances.

"Vividly alert to the widest range of styles and moods, Kitchen’s survey of music from the age of Louis XIV is a delight from start to finish. The 1755 Baillon instrument form the collection at Edinburgh University sounds superb, especially in the dashing dance movements."

- Classical Music Magazine 

    Recording venue(s): St Cecilia’s Hall, University of Edinburgh
    Recording dates: 9-10 January 2010
    Physical format: Jewel case
    Number of discs: 1
    Number of tracks: 28
    Total playing time: 1:17:34
    Album ID: DCD34109