Kerensa Briggs: Requiem


Now in her early thirties, Kerensa Briggs could hardly have enjoyed a more salubrious childhood for a composer of sacred choral music, surrounded by music in Gloucester Cathedral close, singing in choirs and hearing the daily choral services. Briggs went on to study music and sing as a choral scholar at King’s College London, and her music and her understanding of the way the voice works have their roots in this deep immersion.

This recording is the first dedicated to her music, in a portrait programme of premieres. Joseph Fort and The Choir of King’s College London continue to attract widespread critical acclaim, both for the ambition of their recorded programmes and for their polished and mature execution.

" Kerensa Briggs has written a wonderful setting of the Requiem. I haven’t previously heard a composition by her on such a large scale and I was seriously impressed with the quality, eloquence and sincerity of the piece. She responds very acutely to the words she has chosen to set and the result is that the Requiem is beautiful and affecting. She is superbly served by the performers on this first recording. [Briggs' music] is consistently beautiful ... In Anita Monserrat we hear a singer who is ideally suited to the music. Her voice is well-focused, rich and round-toned and she sings with fine expressiveness ... I hope that the music will receive a higher profile through this recording, leading to other choirs taking it up"


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Release Date: 26 May 2023
Catalogue No: DCD34298
Total playing time: 55:57

Recorded on 10-12 June 2022 at St Barnabas, Ealing
Producer/Engineer: Paul Baxter
Editor: Jack Davis
Design: Drew Padrutt
Booklet Editor: Henry Howard
Session Photography: Ben Reason Photography  

Singing In Secret: Clandestine Catholic Music by William Byrd CD Delphian Records


13. Inner Light


The beautiful In Paradisum from Kerensa Briggs' Requiem, performed after recording sessions in London...

Album Booklet

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