John Rutter: The Tewkesbury Collection

For his final recording with the men and boys of Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum, Benjamin Nicholas chose to celebrate Britain’s best-loved living composer.

Rather than simply sticking to familiar classics, this programme explores the full range of Rutter’s output, from The Lord is my shepherd and Lord, thou hast been our refuge to his most recent piece, This is the day, written for the wedding of Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

"Even when Rutter's very obviously in crowd-pleasing mode...the vernal freshness of the Tewkesbury boys' voices strips off the cloying patina more knowing, self-conscious adult voices often add in this music. There's plenty of technical control in the choir's singing, but it's not imposed with undue rigour."

"This CD is a valuable addition to the John Rutter discography and shows that the composer is more than simply 'Mr Christmas'...I can imagine the composer being well satisfied with the highly accomplished performances...The trebles have a rich, uninhibited tone and the whole choir are masters of sustained, seamless legato singing. Director Benjamin Nicholas favours flowing tempi and he achieves an excellent balance between all voices."

"The cherubs of Tewkesbury Abbey sing with devotion, faithfully capturing Rutter’s particular brand of luxury comfort"

"this disc must command our attention. The Tewkesbury Singers produce a well-focused tone throughout…Special attention ought to be made of Carleton Etherington’s sensitive support on the organ. Excellent liner notes and full texts"

"Rutter’s music has that magical uniqueness about it in being able to straddle the school of light lyrical touch with that of musical sophistication and integrity. Sure enough, it inspires beautifully scented performances from the boys and men ... augmented variously by gorgeous solo contributions on oboe, cello and trumpet, and from organist Carleton Etherington"

"the singing is beautifully rounded and sympathetic to the composer's expression"


"The combination of the music written by one of the greatest living composers and the well-developed tone and vocal strength from the boys and men of Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum, is not to be missed."

Producer: Paul Baxter
Recording venue(s): Tewkesbury Abbey
Recording dates: 14-16 March 2011, 20 June 2011 & 18 April 2012
Physical format: Jewel case
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 15
Release date: 27 August 2012
Total playing time: 1:10:10
Album ID: DCD34107

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