Mike Brewer’s World Tour

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The internationally renowned National Youth Choir of Great Britain is peerless in bringing to life Brewer’s transcontinental choral imaginings. Headed up by the first commercial recording of Mike’s Hamba Lulu, this journey in sound leads us from the Icelandic tundra to the sultry jazz clubs of Latin America, via South Africa and Asia.

"There are some terrific moments of vocal picture-painting in Mike Brewer’s set of folk arrangements from around the globe...it’s great fun and the choir puts its heart and soul into it all."

"For choirs everywhere, Mike Brewer’s World Tour is like a memo: please listen, and realise what’s possible."

"One thing you’ll notice about this disc is how enthusiastic these singers are in their powerful delivery of the songs. Every member of the choir comes across as being deeply committed to contributing to the musicality of the pieces. This energy has to come from the enthusiastic direction of their conductor, Mike Brewer."

Producer: Paul Baxter
Release Date: 1 February 2010
Catalogue No: DCD34080
Total playing time: 1:08:02

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